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Customer Centricity has been one of the biggest buzz words in recent years. Certainly you are dealing with it to some extent in your work routine. But how customer-centric is your company really?

Use the findings to question the status of your organisation, to generate new ideas and to set the basis for future strategies. The results can be applied in strategy- and planning-workshops or serve as a basis for further analysis. It helps setting goals for the organisation which fit to vision, strategy and market situation, or to revisit existing strategies and plans.

Dialog pays off: companies like Holger Clasen use the questions as a basis for discussion within their leadership team. This enables them to develop a common understanding of the state of the business as well as to develop a solid strategy for the next month.

You will find the set of questions as an attachment to your Business Certificate, so that you can use them at any time. Furthermore, if you want to use our online tool as closed user-group, and receive a company-specific report, just reach out to us and we will set-up the service for you.

With the Customer Centricity Check we triggered off a dialog to radically transform into a truly customer-centric organisation.

Lennart Clasen,
CEO of Holger
Clasen GmbH & Co. KG

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