Customer Insight

Data beats intuition.

Our consultants are proficient in the latest qualitative and quantitative research methods to decode consumer behaviour and to identify drivers for a sustainable growth.



In-Depth InterviewsOffer the opportunity to explore complex processes and to capture people’s underlying motives, needs, attitudes and perceptions.
Focus GroupsDesigned to gather various experiences and perceptions of selected target groups on a particular topic. New ideas and concepts can be tested or can emerge from the discussion.
Customer ImmersionOpen but guided interaction between management and customers to get a deep understanding of needs and behaviours, but also to foster a customer-centric organisation.
ObservationCollecting and analysing information obtained through directly or indirectly observing consumers in natural/planned environments and thereby reducing recall errors.
NetnographyA specific methodology to conduct ethnography on the internet. It adapts traditional ethnographic techniques for the analysis of social media and online communities.
Cultural ProbesA set of several tasks for respondents. The technique serves as a means of gathering valuable data about people's lifes, values and thoughts.
DiariesLetting people conveniently and expressively convey their thoughts, feelings or behaviours at key moments throughout a day, a week or a month.
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SegmentationDefining specific segments on the basis of demographics, needs or consumer behaviour to enable an effective and analytic validated targeting.
Driver AnalysisExplores causal relationships and quantifies their strengths. For instance, the method reveals if excellent customer service has the greatest impact on customer loyalty.
Path AnalysisA path analysis facilitates the understanding and structuring of causal links and determines relationships between variables such as trust, product quality and pricing.
Pricing ModelsIn finding the optimal price we apply a holistic approach, incorporating established methodologies like conjoint analysis as well as concepts from behavioural economics.
Brand Performance AnalysisAnalysis of how customers perceive a brand, how it performs against competitor brands or the measuring of ad impact with our validated brand tracking tools.
Implicit ResearchImplicit research techniques tell the stories consumers won’t. Gain insights based on neuroscience and decode the subconscious consumer behaviour.
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