Experience Design

Delivering outstanding customer experiences has become the most crucial driver for growth. To excel, companies need three main ingredients:

- an outstanding yet crystal clear positioning
- a sophisticated customer-centric product & service experience
- constant innovation on all levels

Our expertise and proven methodologies help you to succeed on all dimensions.



PositioningSophisticated modelling tools to facilitate the understanding of consumer needs and competition to be able to strategically occupy a distinctive place in the target market.
Brand Identity SystemDefining a compelling brand story and the core elements of a brand (brand values/ brand personality) is essential for a distinct yet authentic positioning.
Brand Portfolio ManagementBuilding synergies, growth potential and clarity within the brand portfolio while ensuring differentiation between the brands and the strengths of each different brand.
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Customer and Market StrategyAchieve sustainable growth with our proven customer-centric strategies tailored to the specific industry.
Value Proposition DevelopmentHear the voice of the customer loud and clear with VoC tools and discover perceived core benefits for developing powerful propositions.
Customer Experience ManagementEmotional attachment of customers is the ultimate competitive advantage. We design the respective state of the art experience framework.
Customer JourneyMapping the customer journey and creating consistent and meaningful experiences across all touchpoints is key to achieving an optimal customer retention.
KPI ModelsKeeping track of the voice of the customers by measuring their experience, satisfaction and loyalty KPIs (e.g. NPS) and effectively embedding them within the organisation.
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Design ThinkingHuman-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, technologic possibilities and requirements for business success.
Business Model DesignDeveloping a purposeful business model and bringing it to life requires holistic approaches such as the business model canvas.
Open InnovationThe open innovation framework enables to utilise external expertise or to capture internal ideas to identify needs and generate new processes/products.
Go to Market StrategyA strategic action plan with specific steps needed to successfully move in a new direction such as entering a new market or launching a new product.
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