28. February 2022

E.ON: The ‘Brand Ambassador’ Programme

Classic customer centricity tools are excellent for increasing the effectiveness and ROI of internal marketing activities. The E.ON Brand Ambassador programme is an excellent example. Brand Ambassador = Corporate Influencer? Everyone knows about influencer marketing by now. People with high reach and credibility in their…
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4. April 2019

Trei Real Estate: Shaping a unique brand

In a highly competitive market a differentiating brand is essential. To further grow (internationally), the real estate company Trei needed a distinct and attractive brand positioning. Background With a property portfolio of about € 1,1 billion, and a development pipeline of around € 685 million,…
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7. June 2018

E.ON: Establishing a customer-centric innovation process for Germany

The energy market is undergoing a revolution and suppliers must turn to customers to understand how they should operate in new conditions. the savvy company created a customer-focused innovation process to combat these struggles. Energy revolution Utilities have traditionally been a commodity market, but this…
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3. June 2018

bauma: digitalisation of the business model with open innovation

The bauma Open Innovation platform transfers the business model of Messe München into the digital world of tomorrow. It is the most important component for the evolution from a trade fair organiser towards a digital service provider. The future of the trade fair bauma, as…
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