27. September 2023

Customer Experience Studie – Internetanbieter 2023

Der Markt für Internetfestnetzanschlüsse bleibt intensiv umkämpft. Internetanbieter müssen sich in diesem lebendigen Umfeld ständig an die stetig wechselnden Herausforderungen anpassen – sei es in Bezug auf Infrastruktur, die wachsenden Kundenerwartungen oder den zunehmenden Wettbewerbsdruck. Ein besonders markantes Zeichen für die Dynamik des deutschen Marktes…
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23. Februar 2023

Let´s get emotional, baby!

The functional performance of products and services is taken for granted these days, and companies that fail to deliver can expect frustration and rejection from their users. An emotional product- and service design helps companies exceed these functional expectations and turn passive users into loyal…
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24. Januar 2023

Data Science 2.0 - Von Big Data zu Smart Data mit Customer Science

Not only since ChatGPT, AI was on everyone’s lips and dominated the discussions in the area of customer experience and in particular data analytics and data sciences. What kind of impact had these recent developments of AI-technology in these areas and how do they potentially…
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17. Januar 2023

Designprinzipien – eine Frage der Perspektive.

We like open-source collections! This week we were particularly impressed by Ben Brignell’s collection of design principles and methods. Why such collections should often be nothing more than inspiration, however, is particularly evident in the case of design principles. Design principles are an essential part…
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11. Januar 2023

Was ist eine savvy company? Fixed it for you.

Wir haben uns in den letzten Tagen mit ChatGPT, dem AI-basierten Chatbot, unterhalten. Unter anderem, um die Interpretation des Programms von Customer Centricity und erfolgreichen Unternehmen zu verstehen. Steht auch für den vermeintlichen heiligen Gral des Wissens der Kundennutzen im Vordergrund? Die Ergebnisse sind mitunter…
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28. Februar 2022

E.ON: Das ‘Brand Ambassador’ Programm

Classic customer centricity tools are excellent for increasing the effectiveness and ROI of internal marketing activities. The E.ON Brand Ambassador programme is an excellent example. Brand Ambassador = Corporate Influencer? Everyone knows about influencer marketing by now. People with high reach and credibility in their…
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28. September 2021

Generation XYZ – Mehr als nur plumpe Stereotypen?

For years, various concepts on generations have been haunting marketing departments, Twitter communities or Feullitons with claims to interpretation. One thing is certain: above all, marketing trends, product innovations and working conditions in companies must always be subjected to the needs of the latest generation…
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16. September 2021

Customer Experience Studie – Internetanbieter 2021

In der heutigen Zeit ist es für Unternehmen immer wichtiger, sich über die Customer Experience zu differenzieren. Dies trifft besonders auf den Markt der Anbieter für Internetfestnetzanschlüsse zu, bei dem sich für die Anbieter oft nur wenige Möglichkeiten bei der Produktdifferenzierung ergeben. Gleichzeitig haben sich…
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18. November 2020

It’s that time of the year again …

It is already November and for most corporations the fiscal year soon comes to an end. As every year – and maybe even more in this special year – there are some unused budgets, as some of the things did not come as originally planned.…
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18. November 2020

Don’t get blinded by the data

Over the course of the past years we could observe a clear trend towards measuring and quantifying the whole environment around us. Whether it be tracking our fitness level with our watches, number of likes on our social profiles, numerous surveys for our satisfaction with…
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